LuLu Hypermarket Cuts Prices of 50 Items

ABU DHABI - LuLu hypermarket chain has reduced by 10-30 per cent the prices of 50 food and non-food items, many of which are part of the consumer price index.

“We have brought down the prices of around 50 products, covering all categories of essential food and non-food products in our hypermarkets across the country,” said V. Nandakumar, spokesman of LuLu.

The price reduction that ranges from 10 per cent to 30 per cent will mean that the group might incur loss in some of the product categories. “But we consider it as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and is just another step by us to show our solidarity with the efforts of Ministry of Economy,’ said V. Nandakumar.

Last year also, Lulu had launched a similar campaign when it had brought down prices of almost 40 products to the level of 2007 prices.

The most sought-after food items whose prices have been reduced include Australian lamb (Dh22.50 from Dh27.90 per kg), Indian weal (Dh19 from Dh22.90) and frozen chicken (Dh8.50 from Dh9.50).

The price of table salt (1kg) has been lowered to Dh1.50 from Dh1.75, cornflakes (750 gm) Dh10 from Dh11.50; palm oil (1.8 litres) Dh9.90 from Dh10.50 and instant mango drink (2.5kg) Dh21.40 from Dh25.50.

Among dairy products, the price of Amul milk powder (2.5kg) has been reduced to Dh44.20 from Dh50 and Pinar Labneh (400gm) Dh12.30 from Dh14.50.

A toothbrush that cost Dh9.50 earlier will now cost Dh7.

Apart from this price reduction, the retail chain is also doing its bit by spreading awareness about consumer protection by way of giving out mementos, gift articles bearing the logo of consumer protection, banners and posters highlighting similar messages.