Global Islamic Economy Summit calls for more focus on start ups


Industry specialists at the Global Economy Summit, held in Dubai on Wednesday called for the need to focus attention on youth and start ups. The panel was moderated by Dustin Craun, founder of Salaam Bank which saw the presence of Yussuff Ali MA, founder of LuLu Group International, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the founder of Aladdin Group of companies and Amin Osmancevic, CEO of MyBazzar Global all of whom held discussions on the obstacles facing startups in the Islamic Economy and spoke about ways to help overcome them.


Mr. Yussuf Ali M.A said that they had to show the world that Islam was a religion of love, tolerance and respect. It was only then that the world would return the respect.


“You should be honest and trustworthy, says the Hadith. This is the first thing an entrepreneur should do. We are introducing and focusing on halal products and supporting the companies who produce them. It is our responsibility.” He said, cautioning that it would take some time for people to warm up to Islamic products.


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