EMKE Group Committed to Excellence

Nothing succeeds like success, it is rightly said. Emke Groups commendable success in its chosen fields has served as inspiration for many Indian entrepreneurs across the world and stands testimony to the undying Indian spirit of enterprise and commitment to excel. In a matter of three decades the group has contributed much to the fraternal relationship between India and the U AE in particular and has been acknowledged as a symbol of Indian business ethics and fair practices. From its modest beginning, Emke Group has today highly diversified its business activities under the dynamic leadership of Group Managing Director Yusuffali M.A. The group with its headquarter in Abu Dhabi runs business operations globally, and it is an accomplished leader in major areas such as retail, import, distribution as well as manufacturing. Active in food processing, garments and edible commodities, it has also ventured into newer domains such as information technology. Earlier identifying the rapid-growth opportunities in retailing, the group capitalized on its headstart to set up a chain of successful and popular department stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Its flagship brand LuLu is today synonymous with shopping excellence and is rapidly expanding across the AGCC nations, having set up outlets in the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar and Kuwait besides the Emirates. Al Falah Plaza and Emirates General Market are also highly successful retail chains within the UAE. The group's other operations effectively support and enable this primary activity area with a well-integrated infrastructure that takes care of support functions such as import, distribution, warehousing, logistics and an IT network.

As a major importer in the region, the group has access to a wide range of products and commodities across the world, through its own sources in Africa, Europe, South Asia and India . To ensure quality and lower prices, it operates food-processing plants in India and garment manufacturing units in Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia and Thailand . Diversified operations also include import and distribution of a wide range of goods covering frozen food, dry foods, poultry, vegetables, dairy products, edible oils, toiletries and other consumer staples and household goods from international supply sources. Group companies also undertake re-export of Indian frozen meat to AGCC and African markets besides exploring marketing opportunities oversea for processed meat products. Overall, Emke Group is one great universal fraternity with over 14,000 people drawn from 25 different nations working with one unified purpose of serving the customer best.

Yusuffali, Managing Director of the Group, ranks today among the top NRI personalities and has orchestrated the group's activities to give a boost to Indian economy as well. One of the leading exporters in the country, the group has been acknowledged time and again for its outstanding performance in export promotion of agriculture and meat products. Group companies operate some of the biggest meat processing units in Mumbai, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh (UP). "We find our strength in our country's long tradition of trade and commerce. India has always been a trader of excellence to the world by dint of its faith in fair trade and commitment to add value," comments Yusuffali. "Everyone at the group identifies with the group values and the secret of our success is our ceaseless attempt to serve better and better. India has long believed in perceiving the world as one family and Emke Group truly reflects this picture of fraternity. On this auspicious day of commemorating India 's formation as a republic, I extend the group's heartiest greetings and gratitude to the visionary rulers of the UAE, all its citizens and to all Indians across the world," he concludes.