Food Processing

Manufacturing and outsourcing bases across continents enable the Group to ensure timely and adequate availability of quality products on the retail front. Amroon Foods Pvt. Ltd. and Fair Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. are two of the largest meat processing facilities in India with plants in Lucknow, Mumbai and Shahibabad (New Delhi) that export various food and consumer items. In addition to meat, Fair Exports also handles silk and a wide range of garments in its export portfolio.

Commodities Trading

Emke commodities, subsidiary of Gulf Star commodities L.L.C, with bases in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa is the Group’s commodities trading unit which sources various Agro-products viz., Cashew Nuts, Coffee, Rice, Pulses, Fruits, Meat, Fish & Vegetables etc., and exports them to the Middle East, Europe, Far East and India.