Doing our part

As a company with strong CSR policies, the Group has always been in the forefront when it comes to giving back to the society. A committed supporter of various social initiatives of the government, the Group’s efforts have been very well appreciated by the authorities in many countries.

Some of the recent efforts include, LuLu charity card in association with the Maktoum Foundation for providing food and related products to needy locals during the holy month of Ramadan. In association with Ministry of Economy, the Group also implements “PRICE FREEZE POLICY” whenever the prices of essential items go beyond the reach of common people.

The Group strongly believes in playing its role in Environment Protection and has launched a campaign – “RRR” (Refuse, Reuse, Reduce) to reduce the usage of plastic bags in addition to usage of Oxy-biodegradable plastic bags in its stores.

The Group has always donated generously during natural calamities viz., Tsunami relief in Asia or Typhoon and flood relief in other parts of the world.