LuLu Hypermarket launches 'Joy of Giving' Ramadan campaign for the 4th year


LuLu Hypermarket has launched the 'Joy of Giving' Ramadan campaign in Bahrain on 18 June 2015, which will once again take the spirit of caring and giving to the community. The campaign will see a daily distribution of over 500 Iftar meal packages to people in different locations.

This campaign has been running successfully for four years now and has become so successful that it is now part of the CSR matrix of LuLu Group. Approximately 60,000 Iftar meal kits have been distributed during this time in many neighbourhoods and across all social groups.

Every day, for the rest of Ramadan, vans branded with the campaign will distribute Iftar meals while radio RJs from YourFM 104.2 will get people at these locations to speak to loved ones and share their Ramadan thoughts on air with family and friends.

“The campaign has been running for four years now and the simple act of sharing Iftar meals with young and old, neighbours and strangers across all communities has become a powerful symbol of the unity and harmony that the Kingdom of Bahrain represents,” said LuLu Hypermarket's Regional Director, Juzer Rupawala. “We are delighted to share the spirit of caring with the community once again and rejoice in the spirit of Ramadan.”